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Lesser known fact: Britain had its own pulps, among the best were Hutchinson’s stable of Adventure Story, Mystery Story and Sovereign. The contents were often reprints from Clayton and/or Fiction House pulps (The US pulps featured stories from the British pulps, too). The covers, though, were originals and they were stunning, exotic scenes. They’re all… Continue reading British pulps – ads

Meeting the editors – Butterick & Hersey

I CAN’T say truthfully that I received any immediate practical benefit from my visit to the editorial offices of Adventure Magazine, toward the end of my stay in New York City. I gathered, in fact, that Adventure’s policy rather discourages personal visits from authors, although it is entirely possible that I am mistaken in this… Continue reading Meeting the editors – Butterick & Hersey

Crime Poetry

I’ve encountered many poems in the western and general fiction pulps. This was the first one I’ve seen from the crime pulps. The author, C. Wiles Hallock, contributed more than 200 poems to the pulps, with 70 of them appearing in the detective magazines. CRIME CONTAGIONBy C. WILES HALLOCK WELLINGTON WEATHERBY BENDEMEER BLAKEWoke in the… Continue reading Crime Poetry

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Harold Q. Masur – Newspaper profile

This was originally published in the Wichita Eagle. Suspense Writer Hits TownMystery Is ‘Why Dunnit’ By BARRY PARISEagle Staff Writer It’s not “who dunnit?” in mystery writing any more it’s “why dunnit?” according to suspense writer Harold Q Masur. Masur, author of Bury Me Deep which sold well over a million copies and was translated… Continue reading Harold Q. Masur – Newspaper profile