Patriotism, Pigs, Pendexter and Mundy – How Talbot Mundy and Hugh Pendexter helped win World War 1

When i was looking up information on Hugh Pendexter, i came across this article on how the town of Norway, Maine contributed to the war effort in World War 1. Hugh Pendexter and Talbot Mundy were both residents of the town at the time, and they were both drivers (literally in Mundy’s case) of the war effort as well, helping in growing more food, recruiting soldiers and raising money.

The article is from Everybody’s magazine, and has some interesting information on Mundy promoting pig breeding, as opposed to the pig sticking that he wrote about in some of the stories set in India he wrote for Adventure.

I checked whether this had any effect on their writing. Pendexter appeared unaffected, having four  stories in Adventure in 191; 1918 was a bumper year for him, with sixteen stories in Adventure. Mundy appeared five times in Adventure in 1917, and only two stories in 1918. His writing shifted from historical adventure to the war with Germany – “Heinie Horns Into the Game” and “The End of the Bad Ship Bundesrath”  being two of his stories from 1919.

All right, enough said. You can read the complete article here. (If the link takes too long to load, hit the download button on the top right, and you should get it quickly. Dropbox seems to be having some issues with this file.)

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