Georges Surdez – Writer of French Foreign Legion stories

[Georges Surdez was a writer of French Foreign Legion short stories, written from his personal knowledge of men who had served in it. He was a regular contributor to Adventure from 1922 to 1948, with over a hundred stories appearing in Adventure, and had stories published every year during that period, an amazing record. He also wrote for Colliers magazine, where his short story in the 30 January, 1937 issue was the first to describe the game of Russian Roulette. More after the jump.]

Georges Surdez c. 1927
Georges Surdez c. 1927


Christopher Othen has written a comprehensive biography of Georges Surdez that can be found here. The story by Georges Surdez, titled “Russian Roulette”, can be found here. Enjoy.


  1. I remember reading stories in Men's magazines that my older brothers bought. I really enjoyed stories about the French Foreign Legion. I finally joined the US Army and spent 34 years in it, but mostly in the Reserves and national Guard. I did get to travel to Western Europe and Central America almost every year. I still like to read stories about the French Foreign Legion.

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