Free pulp stories at Munsey’s – selected authors

I haven’t been posting short fiction lately, so I thought you might enjoy this roundup of pulp fiction available from the Munsey’ssite by authors who have been featured on this site (or should have been).

Flying U Ranch (Flying U)
The Phantom Herd (Flying U)
The Barrigudo (Pedro & Lourenco)
The Bouto (Pedro & Lourenco)
The Trumpeter (Pedro & Lourenco)
The Vulture (Pedro & Lourenco)
L. Patrick Greene
Black John Thinks Fast (Halfaday Creek)
Dry Rot (Halfaday Creek)
Finger Prints (Halfaday Creek)
A Man Hires a Guide (Halfaday Creek)
H. Bedford-Jones
Rose Face (Abdul Dost)
Talbot Mundy
Affair in Araby (Jimgrim)
Guns of the Gods ((Jimgrim)
E. Hoffman Price
Albert Richard Wetjen
Gordon Young



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