Map of Adventure

I spent some time putting Adventure’s series characters on a map so that you could pick an adventure of an area you choose, and I think I did a reasonable job of it. If you have additional characters I could include, drop a line in the comments section.



  1. This is a great idea and project but there are so many series to list. Here are some additional ones but there are more:

    Hashknife Hartley & Sleepy Stevens by WC Tuttle(Arizona).
    Piperock series by Tuttle.

    Koropok, undercover agent in 1940's Japan by Sidney Herschel Small.

    Hurricane Williams by Gordon Young(South seas)
    Red Clark by Gordon Young(Western)
    Don Everhard by Gordon Young

    Jimgrim by Talbot Mundy(India)
    Dick Anthony by Talbot Mundy(Africa)
    Tros of Samothrace by Mundy

    Partridge & Hazard by Robert J. Pearsall.
    Grey Maiden sword by Howden-Smith
    Ormerod family serials by Howden-Smith

    Pierre Faidet by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
    Sled Wheeler by John Cochrane
    Theophila Da Costa by Gordon McCreagh
    Dugan by Arthur O. Friel
    Slim Evans of Border Patrol by Thomson Burtis

    Abdul Dost by Harold Lamb
    Ayub by Harold Lamb

    Marsden & Company by Robert Simpson(Africa)
    Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini
    Crew of the Maggie May by William P. Barron
    "One-Two" Mac by John Webb(sea)

    Sgt Eadie by Leonard Nason(WW I France)
    Sheehan by Leonard Nason(WW I France)

    Mohamed Ali by George E. Holt
    Bug Eye Letters by Alan Lemay
    Kane & Datu Ryan by E. Hoffman Price

    Captain Carter by William Du Bois
    Chanod series in 1940's by Georges Surdez

    These are just ones I remember but there are more.

  2. I added as many as I know/remember sufficient to place them. If you know where I can place them, i'll be happy to add more.

    For some reason, the map won't let me add something in the South Seas. I'll work on that.

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