Appeal: Author Gordon Young’s relatives – contact information

Some time ago, I wrote an article on the author Gordon Young on this blog. The author’s grand-daughter, Christine, left a comment on the blog:

Greetings. This is Christine, the granddaughter of Gordon Young. My mother and I attended Pulpcon those so many years ago.
I trust all is well with you.
Thank you for your continued interest in my grandfather’s literary works.
PS the picture at the top is not of my grandfather. If you would like a picture, please let me know. thank you

Since then, I have been contacted by another relative of the author, a lady whose great-aunt was Gordon Young’s wife. She would like to get in touch with Christine. But I have no contact information for Christine.

Christine, if you read this article, please drop me an email and I’ll get you in touch with your relatives. And I would be happy to get a picture of your grandfather as well.

The email address to contact is pulpflakes (AT) gmail DOT com.

And by the way, I ran across some photos of Gordon Young’s house in Los Angeles. Enjoy them here:

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