Gone North by Charles Alden Seltzer

Altus Press just released the Argosy Library Series 1 – 10 books that originally appeared in Argosy magazine. I picked up a few of them, and added them to the to be read pile in my ebook library.

Then I went over to James Reasoner’s blog, where he wrote a review of Charles Alden Seltzer’s book. Gone North. After reading the review, I pulled it out of the to be read pile and read it in a couple of sittings. It was a light, exciting read. One passage in particular says it all:

Fallon was pleased. This expedition was not to be a search for a dead man; it was to be a battle for a life and a fortune—for two lives, his own and Lin Underhill’s. Arrayed against him were two unscrupulous white men and all the lawless red men that could be bought or bribed. It might be that even the somewhat mythical Randall would develop into an enemy.

Fallon was headed into a mysterious country. A few hundred feet in front of him was a faithless guide, behind him were two men who had already revealed their murderous purpose, and upon all sides as he pushed further into the wilderness would be the hazards of the silent coverts from which might be sped the winged arrow of the white men’s forest confederates.

A fun summer read.

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