Rare interview with a pulp illustrator – Creig Flessel

I was recently looking through some issues of Unknown magazine and came across some illustrations by the artist Creig Flessel. I came across an interview with him, and I didn’t see it linked in any of the usual places. Here it is:


Very interesting account of his entire career, including working for Street and Smith and then going on to comics.

Unknown 1940 April - He Shuttles by Theodore Sturgeon
Unknown 1940 April – Illustration for He Shuttles (author Theodore Sturgeon) by Creig Flessel

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  1. I see he mentions being contacted by Pulpcon and invited to attend, etc. Probably Rusty Hevelin contacted him but back then they really couldn't afford to pay all the expenses for all the people they invited. Maybe they paid expenses for some of the big names like Robert Bloch but a smaller name like Flessel would simply be invited to attend. He never did but if he had he would have enjoyed himself at the convention.

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