Adventure magazine covers featuring a pirate

In honor of International Talk like a Pirate Day today, here’s a series of covers from Adventure magazine featuring a pirate. All these covers were done by the artist A.L. Ripley and appeared in the magazine from 1922 to 1925. During at least part of this period (1923-1925), Ripley was in Europe on an art scholarship, so it’s interesting to speculate whether these were done in Europe and sent over, or done in bulk earlier and then appeared one at a time.

Pick your favorite and leave a note in the comments. Mine’s the March 10, 1924 issue with the two pirates shown in shadow fighting over treasure.


  1. Yes, that's a good one. Also of note is the one showing a pirate painting on the side of the ship. There was a lot of boring and hard work being a pirate. It was not all sinking ships and finding treasure!

  2. Strangely enough, none of the issues shown above had a Rafael Sabatini story in them. It would have been a good match, though. The September 10, 1924 cover (third row, middle picture) seems like it matches the description of Captain Blood.

  3. I know you were just showing the Ripley covers but one of the best pirate portraits was done by Murphy for the September 20, 1923 issue. It shows a pirate dressing up all sorts of finery and jewels.

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