Black Friday ebook deals from Amazon

I know that many readers of this blog don’t take to ebooks, but they’re a great complement to my physical book library – I can read them anywhere, no additional space needed in my house for them. Disable your adblockers to see the full links, or click the inline links.

Here are a few ebooks that I think you’d be interested in, and Amazon has good deals going on today:
The first 2 books in Joe Gore’s excellent DKA series for 2 and 3 dollars respectively. What a deal! The DKA series has a great detective agency in charge of repossessing cars whose drivers have missed their payments. A great cast of characters in the agency, and always interesting plots.

The best writing about the worst books – it’s hard to stop laughing, so maybe this isn’t the best recommendation on a full stomach. But laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, so here you go with Bill Pronzini’s Gun in Cheek

Pronzini takes aim at the worst western fiction in this one, and what a roundup it is! Six-Gun in Cheek

Probably more bargains there, but i haven’t found them … yet! Let you know when i do. Happy shopping.

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