Gloria Stoll Karn talks on video

Gloria Stoll Karn painted covers for Black Mask, Rangeland Romances, Detective Tales and Dime Mystery. This video was made as part of a recent exhibition of her work; she talks about how she got into pulp illustration. Worth watching.


  1. I've met her at Pulpcon several years ago and also recently at Pulpfest in Pittsburgh. She's in her 90's but appears quite a bit younger. What a great story about how she became a pulp artist! She was throwing her artwork away when it was discovered by the trashman and Raphael Desoto! You could not sell such a plot to a pulp! But it's a true story…

  2. The building super cum janitor was a model for Rafael De Soto. He found the illustrations and took them to De Soto, the rest is history. as you say, it's hard to believe we're so lucky.

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