Adventure House Pulp and Collectibles Show – Trip Report

Adventure House held their first pulp convention in Maryland recently. I found cheapish tickets for the trip, and there I was. A good beginning to what I hope is a new annual show. Rain depressed attendance (Hurricane Florence sent preliminary rain storms up and down the east coast) and flights and in general I got the impression that Seattle weather had somehow been packed in my luggage and let loose when I unpacked.
I was too busy talking to friends to take many photos, here are a few:
Dealers room at the Adventure House one day convention

Adventure House’s Wall of Pulp
Todd’s Wall of high-grade Pulp (They look like replicas because they’re in such good condition)
A pair of Argosy cover paintings by Paul Stahr in fantastic condition. Already sold, or else I might have grabbed one and run…

Some pulps at the show:
Always great to meet old friends and make new ones. Another highlight of the show was the discussion with David Saunders, pulp art expert. David had a table at the convention covered with many rare pulps with his father’s (Norman Saunders) art.
This one was apparently inspired by a famous J.C. Leyendecker illustration. Maybe this one?

Looking at the collection of magazines spread out on the table, I asked David a question about his dad’s art. I noticed that he rarely painted people standing upright. (All pictures of original art  courtesy Heritage Auctions). It was always people leaning,




or being carried

David told me his father used a composition technique called dynamic composition, where diagonal lines brings a feeling of action to the viewer. Didn’t know that. has details.

Headed home after a couple of long flights and a goodish pile of loot. The trip was worth it.

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  1. Thanks for this Sai. I was really impressed by the two Paul Stahr cover paintings from ARGOSY. Also I met my favorite literary critic and book reviewer for the first time at the show. Michael Dirda who writes about books for the Washington Post was there buying books. Not sure if he bought any pulps however. I've been reading his articles for at least 30 years.

    You are right about the heavy rain keeping attendance down. I hope the Gunnisons decide to repeat this convention next year.

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