Good Griff! British paperbacks of the 1950s

As i was browsing through EBay, I came across this cover. Couldn’t let it pass without investigation, could I? A couple of days later, I emerged from that rabbit hole with a few images gathered here for your enjoyment. Images might take some time to load as they’re reasonably large. Patience will be rewarded.

Cover by Ray Theobald for Griff’s Hell-Bomb Floozies

I think most of the hard work here was done when they came up with the titles.

Hidden messages?

Is that a reference to the atom bomb (The Manhattan Project)?

Spelling mistake or an animal unknown to science?

I was expecting to see a cane in her hand.

No comment.

True that.

They’re referring to the book, silly.

Not sure what the fuss is all about.

A subtle message delivered with all the grace of a sledgehammer.

We must exorcise the devil wherever we find him.

Nat Karta was Nick Carter’s Eastern European cousin.

She picked a loser in the rat race.

Or I’ll cool you!

Just enough to get by the censors.

All opinions expressed in the titles above are the author’s 🙂

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