Mystery artist revealed: Laurence Sterne Stevens

The illustration I posted last week was by Laurence Sterne Stevens. It was from Adventure magazine, January 1944 and was an illustration for the poem Vulture Blood by Helen von Kolnitz Hyer, who went on to become the poet-laureate for South Carolina. It’s really a story in poem form. You can read it here.

 He was a professional illustrator who never became as famous as Virgil Finlay, but his style was quite similar, and his interior illustrations for Famous Fantastic Mysteries and Adventure magazine were among his best work.

 Some more illustrations from Stevens

Hope you enjoyed them.

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  1. FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES and FANTASTIC NOVELS are two of the best looking and prettiest pulps ever published. Great covers and interior art and excellent early SF. It is still possible to put together complete sets without breaking the bank.

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