On hold for a month or so

First of all, thanks for reading my blog. I am especially thankful to those who took time to comment on my work, either by leaving a post on this blog, sending me an email, or sharing my articles on social media.

You have really kept me motivated, and I am very grateful to be part of such a community of readers and (th)inkers.

I am working through some life stuff – nothing bad, just don’t have the time to research and blog.  Should be back in a month or so.

Meanwhile, if you would like to write an guest article for this blog, you could reach me on email:

pulpflakes _AT_ gmail DOT com.

Replace _AT_ with @ and DOT with . to get the email address.

Readers may also want to pay attention to the recent comments on the articles on Gordon Young and H.D. Couzens.

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