Adventure cover artist – Roy J. Pomeroy

You may remember an earlier article i had done on Notable Artists of Adventure magazine. Among those artists was a Roy Pomeroy, who won the first ever Oscar for Special Effects. I came across some photos of him as well as a very detailed biography of him on a genealogical blog. Thought you might like to read it.

Adventure, January 30, 1922 cover by Roy J. Pomeroy
Adventure, January 30, 1922 cover by Roy J. Pomeroy

Roy J. Pomeroy (picture courtesy Getty Images)

His biography in 2 parts was posted on a blog with genealogical information about Pomeroys in America:

Roy Jobbins Pomeroy, Oscar Winner and Early Hollywood Special Effects Technician: The Life of an Artist

Roy Pomeroy, The life of an Artist Part II: From England to Ohio and New York

It’s a comprehensive and interesting profile of a multi-talented man who found a niche at the beginning of the film industry and covers his life from his birth in Colonial India to his death in Los Angeles in 1947.

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