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“Field Punishment No.1” is a blog that gather togethers some research on Canada’s war literature.

The author is a book collector that became curious about these writers and wanted to know more about them than was contained in their brief bios in the Canadian Encyclopedia and literary guides (where those existed at all) –so he started digging.
Sound familiar? That’s how i got into this blog.
Anyhow, there’s some interesting stories that he’s scanned from different pulp magazines, all by Canadian about soldiers in World War 1. One of them is from Adventure magazine, and the rest are from War Stories, a magazine published by Dell – the same Dell that went on to be a major player in the paperback market, and are still around as a division of Random House.
See all his posts that have story scans here:
And as usual, say hello there 🙂


  1. Hello, and thank-you for linking to my blog. My area of interest is the Canadian writers of WWI, and I very quickly discovered I had to become a pulp collector if I was going to track down the works of these writers. Case in point: Will R Bird has a handful of personal memoirs and short story collections that touch on the war, but about 80-90 short stories published in pulp mags. So I have an ever growing collection.

    I have a large collection of "Battle Stories" "War Stories" and a handful of issues of smaller WWI themed pulps. If you're looking for something from a particular issue and notice a Canadian writer in the table of contents (most often Will R Bird, Harold Cruichshank, Benge Atlee) chances are I have it; I'm more concerned with content than the condition, so I'm happy to scan stories if someone needs them for a project.

    Glad you found my blog.


    James Calhoun

  2. Hi,

    Good to hear from you. Like you, i read stories, traced them to their origins, found pulp magazines and started collecting. I now have a "growing" collection and enjoy reading the stories just as much as i once did.

    I've always been curious about the fiction in "Battle Stories" – I remember reading somewhere that "Cracked Wings" by Frederick C. Painton in the June 1932 issue was a good read. Since that issue also contains a Harold Cruickshank story, maybe you have it?

    And i have a reasonable sized collection of Adventure magazine, so if there are stories by Canadian authors in it i could help out with, let me know and i can return the favor. I have a few stories scanned in as well, none of them are World War stories as far as i can recall, but you may enjoy them all the same:

    Short stories on Pulp Flakes

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