Mystery pulpster – guess who

Maybe you’ve already seen him, almost certainly read his stories, and perhaps even watched a movie adaptation of his novel. Guess which famous pulp author/collector you’re seeing (age nearly 20 years) in this photo. Official answer next week, your guesses in the comments. Bonus points for identifying all the pulp titles on the shelves.

Arthur C. Clarke c. 1937 with his pulp magazine collection
Magazines in background include Wonder Stories, Amazing Stories, Astounding Stories and Science Wonder Quarterly


  1. I have all the SF magazines shown here and at first I was fooled by the nice head of hair on this collector. But of course this is Arthur C. Clarke, who had a secondary career as an SF author.

  2. Sai, do I win a prize for my correct answer? I don't need too many pulps any longer but I do love craft beer from Black Raven Brewery in Seattle, Washington. That's right near you come to think of it!

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