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Just discovered this new blog (started January 2019, I’m guessing maybe a New Year’s resolution 🙂 on Northwestern stories by G.W. Thomas, the author. Go there and leave a comment saying hello. (clicking on the images will take you to the blog posts). 

Some highlights so far:
Tom O’Neill is a writer we know almost nothing about outside of his publications. He wrote mostly sports, boxing, air and the occasional Western story. He also wrote eight Northerns for North-West Romances. The third of these was “Mountie on the Prod” (North-West Romances, Fall 1946).

Harold De Polo (1885-1958) was a prolific magazine writer (once claimed he wrote several thousand stories) , and perhaps most famous for being a buddy of Eugene O’Neill, the playwright….wrote true Northerns such as “The Better Man” originally in Argosy All-Story, January 15, 1927 and reprinted in Thrilling Adventures, July 1932.
Hugh Pendexter is remembered largely as a writer of historicals and Westerns. But he did write about the North as well.

Thomas P. Kelley Jr. (1905-1982) called himself “king of the Canadian pulp writers” and he may have been right.

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