J.C. Leyendecker exhibition of illustrations

Wondering what to do as vacation time approaches? Go to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, of course, and find out what these two are looking at.

Illustration by J.C Leyendecker
A new exhibition at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Leyendecker and the Golden Age of American Illustration, includes 42 original paintings and 101 Saturday Evening Post covers from the National Museum of American Illustration in Newport, Rhode Island,  and the  American Illustrators Gallery in New York, NY., as well as other materials related to Leyendecker’s work in advertising throughout his five-decade career. Click here for tickets
A couple of photos from the exhibit:

If you go there, send me some photos :-). For those who can’t go there in person, you know what they say: Those who can, travel. Those who can’t, read a book
PS: If you’re thinking of picking up a Leyendecker cover, be prepared to part with a serious amount of cash. A recent sale of a cover illustration for the Popular Magazine by Leyendecker fetched nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

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