Simple, Fast search of the FictionMags Index

Simple, fast search of the FictionMags Index. It’s finally here.

The FictionMags Index (FMI) is the biggest online index of English language fiction published in periodicals. Search the FMI by author or artist name, magazine title or look for a specific issue by date or issue number.

Tips and tricks

While search tolerates partial names and typos (a search for Robert E Howard and Robert Howard in authors will produce about the same results), quoting search terms might produce fewer relevant results. Removing quotes usually fixes that.

Results are limited to avoid load on the search engine but should be sufficient in most cases. In case you can’t find exactly what you want, try adding words.

When searching for magazine titles, you can also search by publisher or editor name (where known in the FMI). A search for Munsey in magazines throws up Flynn’s and The Junior Munsey among other lesser-known titles. Searching for Farnsworth Wright in magazines throws up Oriental Stories, Weird Tales, Pirate Stories, and other titles edited by him.

Looking for a specific issue? Searching for Argosy December 7 1935 or Argosy 7 Dec 1935 in Issues will find that issue.

Works best with Firefox, the browser that doesn’t spy on you. Works with Chrome and Safari as well.

What’s next?

I’m automating the whole deployment process for this so that it’s updated automatically whenever the FictionMags Index is updated. Currently the process requires a few manual steps.

A penny for your thoughts

Leave comments with your suggestions, kudos, and brickbats. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones this festive season and let me know what you think of this.

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