Original painting of a magazine cover, absolutely free

A bit late for those of us born later than 1936, unfortunately. If you were born before then, give a good excuse for why you don’t have one or share a photo of your original cover painting. Excerpted from the January 1936 issue of Gold Seal Detective, which would have been on the newsstands from Dec 1, 1935 to Dec 31, 1935.

Would you like an original oil painting of a cover of your favorite M-P (Magazine Publishers aka Ace Magazines) magazine?

HERE’S a unique and unusual offer that will no doubt interest every reader of our group. It is one that cannot be measured in dollars and cents since the prizes involved are 9 beautiful oil paintings—the originals used in making the covers of recent issues of TEN DETECTIVE ACES—LOVE FICTION MONTHLY—WESTERN ACES—SECRET AGENT “X”—WESTERN TRAILS—SKY BIRDS—RED SEAL WESTERN—GOLD SEAL DETECTIVE and FLYING ACES. These works of art, measuring 24″ x 25″, are suitable for framing and every M-P reader has an equal chance to win.

In order to try for one of these paintings all you have to do is write a letter on the value of THE M-P NEWS FLASH. Don’t feel that you “can’t write” for we’re not looking for literary ability. Just tell us in your own way in what respect this page has aided you; whether or not the “highlights” of outstanding stories appearing in our other magazines proves of interest, and as to whether or not you use that information as a guide in your magazine purchases. We’re also interested in knowing what you readers think of the “thumbnail sketches” of our various authors. Does “knowing” an author cause you to enjoy his stories to a greater extent?

These paintings will be given to those writing the nine best letters. The judges will consist of a group of M-P Editors and their decisions will be final. You may write as much or as little as you like, and be sure to tell us from what magazine of our group you’d prefer a cover painting. All letters must be mailed not later than midnight, December 23rd.

[If you make that deadline and win a cover, let me know.]

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