Link Roundup: Academics, Collectors, Secrets and Stories

It’s been a while since I did a link roundup, there should be something interesting for everyone here.

From the Groves of Academe

Herbert Morton Stoops – Pulp Illustrator, a talk

Stoops was an early graduate of Agricultural College of Utah (now Utah State University). During his career, Stoops’ illustrations featured in publications like “Colliers,” “Cosmopolitan” and “Ladies Home Journal.” However, he won wider recognition in the 1930s when he started painting the covers for “Blue Book,” a prominent pulp magazine of the era.

Carmack’s talk, titled “The Early Life and Learnings of Herbert Morton Stoops: Illustrator of American Pulp Fiction,” will happen at the LLC on the campus of USU Eastern at 6 p.m. on Oct. 25. There will be time for Q&A with Professor Carmack afterwards, and refreshments will be served.

Weird is Good

An acknowledgement of the impact of the pulps on genre fiction from a professor at Univ. of Calgary. UCalgary prof Anthony Camara says many genres would not be what they are today without the 10-cent magazines of the early 1900s.

Wall Street agrees

The Wall Street Journal reviews Weird Tales: 100 Years of Weird edited by Jonathan Maberry.

Collector’s Corner

This dentist collects toothsome pulps. And is now selling a lifetime’s accumalation.

The quest for the Golden Fleece

In Manhattan. With Gary Lovisi of Paperback Parade fame as guide and mentor.

Multimedia Pulp

Vincent Starrett’s The Fugitive, first published in the December 1923 issue of the British pulp Tip Top Stories, reviewed

You can hear it here:

Pulp Secrets

Pulp Heroes: Street & Smith’s Pete Rice

Love it, don’t leave it

Shining a light on the often neglected though best-selling genre of romance in the pulps is the blog Lucynka Reviews Obscure Bullshit.

The blogger reviews love pulp stories

gathers vintage articles on the pulps

and reviews a little Cornell Woolrich too.

From the pulps to the comics, love conquers.

Complete Love, an Ace pulp, became a comic. Learn more:

The Stories

Actual pulps (well, scans). Issues of Thrilling Mystery, 10 Story Book and Thrilling Love, among others, were added to in October

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