Simple, Fast Search for the FictionMags Index: Now Improved

One and a half years back, the first version of FictionMags Search debuted. I made it because I needed it, and asking around, found other people would like it too. Since then, people all over the world have used it. Here’s a map I created showing where users came from:

At the time I created this tool, the software that I used made it easy to search within a single index (example Person Name or Magazine Issue Date or Magazine Title) at a time, but not across them.

Since then, they’ve added support for that. It took me some time to integrate it but the result is a much simpler search.

Fast, Simple search for the FictionMags Index

Try it out. Here are three searches to get you started.

A brief writeup on my favorite pulp, with links to related sites.

Discover a great pulp author, whose favorite magazine was the Adventure I linked to above.

Peruse the contents of the first issue of the first science fiction magazine, which includes a link to a scan of the issue.

I find this much faster than thumbing through the index to find the entry I want, but your mileage might vary. Feedback, whether positive or negative, is always welcome.

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