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For over five decades, the pulp magazines entertained people all over the world. Discover the people behind them; the authors, editors, illustrators and their stories. Look behind the scenes and learn the secrets of storytelling.

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  • Simple, Fast search of the FictionMags Index

    Simple, fast search of the FictionMags Index. It’s finally here. https://pulpflakes.com/fmisearch/ The FictionMags Index (FMI) is the biggest online index of English language fiction published in periodicals. Search the FMI by author or artist name, magazine title or look for a specific issue by date or issue number. Tips and tricks While search tolerates partial……

  • Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to you and yours

    This blog will be on a break till next year. Best wishes and see you then.

  • Carbon Copy: The Secret Home Life of an Authors’ Typist

    You’ll learn here how one girl’s spare-time work at home became a full-time job—a “specialty” that she finds very satisfactory MARIAN PEHOWSKI “COMANCHE yells split the air as Dan Drew peered around the clearing before the shack. Suddenly, bang ! Bang! Pow—” An Indian raid or a double murder, it’s all in a day’s work……

  • Whatever happened to the pulps?

    Richard Hill Wilkinson was one of those authors who filled out the pulps. He turned out about a hundred and fifty stories for the pulps under his own name, starting with the Clayton group’s Cowboy Stories and Ace-High, switching horses to Street and Smith’s Love Story and Romantic Range when Clayton shut shop and hopped……

  • Original painting of a magazine cover, absolutely free

    A bit late for those of us born later than 1936, unfortunately. If you were born before then, give a good excuse for why you don’t have one or share a photo of your original cover painting. Excerpted from the January 1936 issue of Gold Seal Detective, which would have been on the newsstands from……