Harold Lamb – Adventure short story writer, Novelist, Historian

[Harold Lamb was, in my opinion, one of the top writers of historical adventure fiction. His stories appeared in Adventure, Argosy, All-Story, Colliers, Short Stories and the Saturday Evening Post. He was a renowned historian, and his stories had excellent plotting, keen attention to historical detail and tight, surprising plots. In addition to writing great… Continue reading Harold Lamb – Adventure short story writer, Novelist, Historian

Paul Hosmer – humorist of the lumber camps

[Paul Who? He isn’t an Adventure author. I ran across him in Short Stories, in the Story Teller’s Circle, where he was talking about his early life.  He was a humorous writer, and I felt like learning more about him. He’s an interesting guy, and it’s neat to see pulp authors coming from all sorts of backgrounds. Inside this article,… Continue reading Paul Hosmer – humorist of the lumber camps

Arthur S. Hoffman – The Editor’s Attitude Toward the Young Author

I fear the answers to your two questions, if adequate, would entail the writing of a small volume. Generalization is rather futile unless its statements be taken as subject to hundreds of modifying influences.In the first place, the attitude of magazine editors is not one attitude but almost as many as there are editors and… Continue reading Arthur S. Hoffman – The Editor’s Attitude Toward the Young Author

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B.M. Bower – Author biography

Bertha Muzzy Bower (1871-1940), aka B.M. Bower, was the first woman Western author to achieve wide success. She achieved this success under the pseudonym of B.M. Bower, with many fans thinking she was a man. Her first publishers banned her from telling the truth; afraid it might spoil the market for her work. She was… Continue reading B.M. Bower – Author biography

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Marion Polk Angellotti

Marion Polk Angellotti was born on Nov 12, 1887, in either Irvington or San Rafael, California. She was the daughter of Frank Marion Angellotti and Emma Cornelia Angellotti (Clearey). Frank M. Angellotti was a chief justice of the supreme court of California from 1915–1921. She had an older sister, Frances Louise, who died in infancy.… Continue reading Marion Polk Angellotti

Arthur O. Friel

Arthur O(lney) Friel was born on 31 May 1885 in Detroit, Michigan, the son of George William Friel and Lucy L. Friel (Thompson). He was the Honor roll from 1896–1897 at the Gossville school and at the New Orchard Road School in 1899. At that time he was staying with his Uncle Joseph and Aunt… Continue reading Arthur O. Friel

Hugh Pendexter

[I was reading a story by Hugh Pendexter in the July 1, 1933 issue of Adventure (the story is “Compound Interest” and a very funny story it is, too). As is my habit, i started searching for more information on the author and found very little about him. So i thought i’d put up what… Continue reading Hugh Pendexter