Photos of Walt Coburn’s house in Tucson, Arizona

Walt Coburn was a famous western author in the pulps. He started his career as a writer when his lifetime goal of being a cowboy was ended after an accident. With a little encouragement from author Robert J. Horton, who had heard Coburn’s stories earlier and realized his talent for storytelling, Coburn parlayed his start… Continue reading Photos of Walt Coburn’s house in Tucson, Arizona

Rothvin Wallace – Editor, Author

I came across Rothvin Wallace’s name while reading The Cobra Woman in the Thrill Book, September 1 1919. A quick search turned up an obituary which I thought was worth sharing. A brief bio: Born: February 23 1882 in Christiana, Pennsylvania Died: November 14 1922 in Oceanport, New Jersey Of interest to the readers of… Continue reading Rothvin Wallace – Editor, Author

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L.L. Foreman – Western Author

L.L. Foreman was a frequent contributor to the western pulps from the mid 1930s to the early 1950s. His series character Preacher Devlin started in 1934 and appeared in more than 45 stories till 1949, becoming one of the longer lasting series characters in the western pulps. Coincidentally, Star Western had the Deacon Bottle series… Continue reading L.L. Foreman – Western Author

Northwest adventure blog – story reviews, author surveys

Just discovered this new blog (started January 2019, I’m guessing maybe a New Year’s resolution 🙂 on Northwestern stories by G.W. Thomas, the author. Go there and leave a comment saying hello. (clicking on the images will take you to the blog posts).  Some highlights so far: Tom O’Neill is a writer we know almost… Continue reading Northwest adventure blog – story reviews, author surveys